Why Choose Betting Exchange Over Regular Bookie?

Choosing a Betting Exchange over regular bookie may give you more than one advantage and possibility to receive bigger profit or profit at all rises too. In these type of bookmakers such as Betfair it’s possible to place lay bets,Why Choose Betting Exchange Over Regular Bookie? Articles to get better odds, to bet live, to https://farsbet.org.

Betting exchanges have several advantages over regular bookmakers. First One probably is possibility to lay bets. When you place lay bet, you literally take a role of a bookmaker. This can expand your betting in general. You can use more different betting systems, and you are no longer affected and limited only by simple back bet. For every bet placed at a bookie there is money laid from bookmaker side. Greatest part of Lay betting is that you can win on more selections than one. Actually when you lay, you can win if any other selection comes true except your selected. For example you lay the draw in a football match, you will win if one of the teams wins and you don’t care which one. Now imagine betting on correct score. For example, you lay correct score of 1-3 or any other score. When match is over you’ll win if score is anything but 1-3.

Another advantage of exchanges is that overall odds are higher. Imagine two equally skilled tennis players or basketball teams. In betting exchanges odds will be 1.99 or 2.00. Tell me at least one regular bookie where odds will be like that? There is none! At best odds will be around 1.9 for both teams or players. Odds are so high because exchanges don’t profit by putting lower odds than it should be. They put (mostly 5%) commission to winning bets. That means that small fee are paid by winners only!

Also if your aim is to bet live then exchanges will not leave you disappointed. Live odds are not regulated by exchange but by punters themselves. You can even expand live betting to bet trading and cut off possibility to lose money at all!

Advantages given above are the best and most notable betting exchange advantages over other bookmakers. And because of these betting exchanges are certainly worth a try.

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