The Duties of A Landscaping Architect

Landscaping architects are responsible for landscaping of public and private architectural space. A landscaping architects in Miami generates landscaping design ideas and based on these ideas create landscaping plans in the form of technical drawings, sketches etc.

However the task generating landscaping ideas is generally carried out in two ways. the first method is a spontaneous method. This requires a lot of experience and creativity. The second method is fairly simple and anyone can do it with little practice. This method of designing can be termed as analytical
method, where the architect reaches the final design solution by trials and errors.

In this method, before the architect generates any primary design sketches, collects raw data with him. The raw data usually may include the following things

Using this raw data the architect the generates unique ideas from his own experience and creates plans, elevations, sketches using 3d modeling landscaping design software, etc. This is where the duty of the landscaping architect finishes. The construction and execution of the landscaping design is not an architect’s job. if the plans have been approved by the client the architect hands over the plans and other drawings such as construction details, quantities to the person who executes the design on site.

The person who executes the entire design according to the drawings provided by the landscaping architect is termed as a “landscaping contractor”. The architect’s duty includes supervision of the site during execution to see that the landscaping contractor carefully follows the design for necessary dimensions materials, their particular manufacturers, etc. For example if the architect has specified to use “outdoor lights” from only a particular manufacturer, it is mandatory to the landscaping contractor to use them during execution.

Thus the duties of the landscaping architect are wide, starting from the observation of the empty site toe the execution of the complete project till it’s final stage.

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