Tap into the Health Benefits of Reading

There’s nothing like reading to ramp up your cognitive online astrology readings. When you were young you probably were told that good reading skills are fundamental to navigating the world around you.

Now it appears that this aphorism is quite literally true. Research has shown that reading is a stimulus that is important to a healthy, aging brain.

Areas stimulated by lighting up the brain, intellectually, such as reading and doing crossword puzzles have been studied and compared against areas where brain cell damage other memory problems develop during the course of natural aging. People who were involved in activities that challenged the brain’s resources had the best looking brain scans.  

Most important is this — in the various ways studied that stimulate the brain reading came out on tops in stimulating pathways important to memory and cognition. Where might you gain the most brain stimulation from reading? Check out hundreds, thousands of books to stimulate your brain at your local library.

Light up Your Life at the LibraryWhen you think about it, the free public library is somewhat of a phenomenon. Think about it this way. At your local library you can tap into history, culture, science, politics, philosophy, the arts, great fiction and nonfiction from the best storytellers on the planet.

What’s more, almost every book you take home is free (sometimes there are small charges for brand new releases) to enjoy for four weeks. Where else could you do delve into a new adventure for hours of time and not pay for it?

What if you walked into a dress shop and said you’d like to wear a dress for a month and then return it a month later at no charge to you. Could you go back to that same store and “check things out” over and over again for free? Of course not — this is why free libraries are such great deals. 

Here’s another thing. Sure you can read books and magazines on your smart phone, e-readers, computers and tablets, but what’s missing is the contagious spirit that comes with reading with readers all around you — at the library.

Did you know there are about 123,291 libraries of all types in the U.S.? Libraries come in many varieties from public libraries and school libraries to academic libraries such as university, college, and community colleges libraries to special libraries. There are also business and corporate libraries like medical, law, religious, armed forces and government libraries.

Do you know what U.S. library holds the most volumes? A volume is one book that has been printed duplicate times so one library may have many copies. The Library of Congress in Washington D.C. has the most volumes with 32,124,001 million volumes of books. Harvard University comes in second with 15,826,570 volumes.

Looking for help finding something? There are 150,000 professional libraries in the U.S. and over 250,000 paraprofessional library workers and that doesn’t include other librarian support staff.  If you can’t find what you want at your library, no problem. Most libraries take advantage of the interlibrary loan system so you can probably check out any book on the planet.

Novel Stimulation from Reading NovelsRecent says that one in seven elderly Americans have had problems with memory. Anything that challenges the brain to try new things, remember new rules and stimulate seemingly unconnected neural pathways is important to our health at any age.   

Breakthroughs in neuroscience are helping us better understand how the brain works. As we grow older, the health and vitality of our brains becomes more dependent on how we use it. As we age, the health and vitality of our brains becomes more dependent on how we use it. Feeding your brain right can offer new life to aging neural pathways and a great way to travel the world without ever having to take off your shoes in line again. Take a journey and brain will thank you.

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