How To Tell If Someone Uses Steroids

Asthma steroids are widely used as a general treatment for severe asthma attacks and can have many side effects. Mild side effects can range from headaches, hyperactivity, weight gain or a stomach ache. However, long-term use of these buy injectable steroids online with credit card can lead to more serious side effects such as glaucoma, high blood pressure, stomach ulcers and susceptibility to infections.

Steroids for severe asthma attacks are prescribed as a short “burst” of five days or as much as months at a time in pill form to be taken in addition to inhaled steroids. As a result, an asthma sufferer can take in too much steroids, therefore overwhelming the body and creating side effects, such as the ones names above.

Are They Really Needed At Home? Once an asthma attack becomes severe, steroids can be effective at providing immediate short-term relief but at a potential long-term cost to the body. We will focus on an alternative method which has been shown to be effective at preventing asthma attacks from becoming severe while at home.

Preventing Asthma Triggers Is the Key An allergic reaction to potential triggers found in the home is the primary factor to a mild asthma attack becoming severe. Therefore, the key to preventing severe asthma attacks is how you manage controlling the potential triggers found in the home environment. The primary airborne trigger which can cause severe asthma attacks in the home is known as a “pollutant particle.” Common pollutant particles are household dust, dust mites, cat dander, dog dander, insect parts, pesticide dust and pollen.

Asthma Prevention Technology
There may be thousands of pollutant particles in the typical indoor environment which can lead to allergic reactions in an asthma sufferer. The High Efficient Particulate Air (HEPA) certified filter is the only effective technology to control these particle triggers. A true HEPA vacuum combined with a HEPA air purifier will greatly reduce indoor pollutant particles in the home environment.

The good news is that a home can be made a haven for all asthma sufferers by utilizing the proper technology described above combined with proper knowledge. In today’s world of technological advances, it is possible to reduce the need of steroid medications while at home.

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