Girls Furniture – Which Canopy Bed is Right For You?

Buying furniture can be quite tricky — especially if you are buying it for a very important girl in your life. Let’s be honest, This is her real profile can be very picky when it comes to furniture. I can say that because I am a girl myself and I know how difficult it is to find girls furniture that fits my idea of what I want. As a mother of two little girls, I also know how they are filled with wonderment and of dreams of being a princess.

One of the easiest and fool-proof ways of making your little ones feel like the princess they really are is to purchase a canopy bed and get the feel of having theme furniture. But, which one is right for you, your little girl, and your family?

Four post canopy beds are the most common choice when buying girls furniture. As the name suggests, four posts canopy beds have four posts in which a wooden (or wrought iron) frame is connected and provides the support. Four posts also provide the most versatility and longevity if chosen. The reason being, when your little girl grows up, she may feel tired of the “princess-feel” and want her room to look more mature. All you would need to do is disconnect the four posts and take down the canopy. In doing that, it will look like a regular bed adding more years to the time you may have the furniture.

Square-frames provide the most elegant look.. Again, as the name suggests, square-frame canopy beds have a square frame at the top of the four posts. The frame acts as the canopy you lay your chosen fabric from. Square-frames fit better with mature girls and adults due to the elegance. However, you can find ways to make it more playful by hanging decorations such as small pink lights or feathered garlands depending on your daughter’s age. If your husband (or wife) is away due to work or the military, you can hang pictures of them from the frame.

Captain’s canopy beds are perfect for smaller room and tight spaces. If you live in an apartment or just do not have enough room, this may be the solution for you. What differentiates a Captain’s bed from others is the built in drawers at the side of the bed. These drawers can fit anything from clothes to her favorite dolls and coloring books.

Antique canopy beds generally require the most maintenance and have elaborate carvings into dark-stained woods. You may be able to find a genuine antique but if you are mindful of the cost of owning one, it will be best to find an imitation. These beds will definitely give the feeling of belonging in the times of princesses and princes. They are regal and usually grandiose in size – not necessarily appropriate for pre-teenage girls and can have a “heavy” feeling in the wrong room.

As mothers, we are so mindful of girls furniture. What is best for her while not breaking the bank? How much room do I have? What will be best furniture to comfort her and make her feel secure? These are all questions we have run through our minds. However, it is no doubt that whichever one you choose – a canopy bed is right for any girl of any age.

Sadie Kyle is the mother of two young girls and knows how difficult it is to find girls furniture from experience. Her passion in decorating has led her on a journey to discover what is best in girls furniture.

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