Everything you need to know about bongs

Bubblers: – Bubblers are handheld, light-weight and portable. They are mainly a mixture of bongs and pipes that contains a drop-down water chamber below. This chamber cools mostly and filters the smoke and make the smoke smoother for a better experience. However, bubblers are tough to clean because of their just hash rosin.

Mini Bongs: – The Mini Bongs are mainly the miniature version of the bubblers. They are lightweight and portable, and it’s cheaper than bubblers too. It is based on a carved like system. But mini bong’s thinner glasses and tight crevices makes it really tough to clean it.

Scientific Bongs: – Who have ever thought that science could be this interesting. Scientific Bongs are mainly made of lab-based borosilicate glass that has a bent mouthpiece, a prelocators and ash catcher. These high-priced bongs are heat resistant and are easy to clean usually.

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