13 Tips to Effectively Quit Smoking in Daily Life IGET Hot Flavours

We all know that smoking is harmful to health, but it is not easy to quit smoking. Many people may choose E-cigarette as a IGET Hot Flavours. Here are several very useful methods for quitting smoking and I hope that we can live a healthier life. 

 Drinking cold water can replace the urge to smoke a cigarette. New research shows that using a straw to drink cold water to facilitate the release of dopamine in the pituitary, which will making you feel good and can help alleviate the negative emotions. While eating small meals can help you reduce the urge to smoke. Of course, you should choose lean meat and some healthy food in order to avoid excessive intake which can cause weight gain.

In fact, after a short time, you will appreciate many good changes brought about smoking cessation. You should enjoy these feelings, and record them bit by bit. And keep a written list of these and enjoy your experience. These may include control feelings, save money, a better sense of smell, taste the food more subtle way and feel more energetic and so on. When these feelings gradually accumulated over your urge to smoke, you have entered another realm of smoking cessation.

For quitting smoking, the immediate benefit of brushing teeth is that you become cleaner; and you breath odor becomes better. Always brushing your teeth, your mouth and even the original, residual tobacco smoke flavor of the oil will be washed away more quickly, so that the inside of your mouth, no longer have that bad taste of smoking, but replaced by fresh odor.

Drinking is one of the most common causes that people want to smoke. Anesthetized by alcohol, it can weaken your intention to quit. Many people who have drinking habits, they are always smoking. So, drinking alcohol during the period of quitting smoking is very bad. When you want to quit smoking, you need to find your own smoke-free environment. For example, you can go to the cinema, library or store. More distracting the place is, the easier it is to help you go through the cravings.

Write down a list of all your reasons for quitting smoking. Please copy this list and post it in the place —may be in the bedroom, kitchen, office, bathroom mirror and so on. To be sure, you can see the list at any time and they can remind you anytime and anywhere. Some smokers say that they think that the list should be next to the family portrait photo, so that it is more conducive to increase motivation to quit smoking.

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